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OpenCulture: Language Matters

Nick Poole provides important food for thought regarding how the cultural sector (and, in my personal experience, curators in particular) are approached about sharing their “content” (a word that I use often, but am now reconsidering.) The debate over control of information is important, and one that as a collections-focused graduate student I’m sensitive to, in spite of being solidly on the free culture side of the fence. A more open discussion needs to take place that more clearly considers the museum’s stake in these collaborations - it really is time to meet in the middle, rather than being preachy. I personally hope to be involved in that discussion.

From Nick’s post (emphasis added):

If the aim is to furnish an online experience for the user that is complete in itself, then you can see how [sharing metadata] would present a challenge to a museum. The object record was created to augment and facilitate an experience, not to be an experience in its own right…So the word ‘metadata’ fails in its primary function to explain to museums exactly what it is that they are being expected to provide.

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