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The Future of Museum Ethics

A wrap up of @futureofmuseums recent Twitter Chat.

I was most interested in these two points regarding accessibility & museum content on the web, both of which directly relate to the role of Wikipedia in distributing resources, all while museums are hesitant to “give up” control over these resources.

What are your thoughts?

  • The ethics of museums having many artifacts in storage which are never shown and are “inaccessible.” One participant noted that the “pendulum swing from emphasizing preservation to emphasizing access brings new ethical issues.” In the digital age, with all materials potentially accessible in some way via the internet, what are a museum’s ethical obligations to invest in such access?
  • It is not surprising that many emerging ethics issues relate to the internet, itself an emergent technology. One participant noted that museums need to consider their roles as “good guys or bad guys” in the drama playing out over free speech versus content control in cyberspace, as it relates to digital management. Also, as museums jump on the digital bandwagon as a way to distribute content and build audience, are we contributing the “digital divide” that further separates the haves from the have-nots in this country? (For more on the digital divide, and other “cyberquandries” see this article)

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