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Liam & Adrianne’s @IMAmuseum lecture, Wikipedia & the Cultural Sector

On November 2, Adrianne Wadewitz and Liam Wyatt were featured in an IMA lecture: "Wikipedia and the Cultural Sector." Adrianne explained important Wikipedia pillars and Wikipedia in the context of academia. Liam discussed Wikipedia’s role in museums and highlighted recent collaborative efforts. After the lectures we all took part in a workshop that took us more behind-the-scenes in Wikipedia. My museum studies cohort was in attendance, as the lecture was an extension of our Collections Care and Management course. We’re now ready to kick off Phase 2 of Wikipedia Saves Public Art… this time at the Indiana Statehouse.

Adrianne was extremely quotable, especially in regards to why experts should be contributing to Wikipedia:

  • "Wikipedia is not just for the lay public - it is a good way to communicate with experts all over the world."
  • "Museums & libraries can shape the way we perceive the content we contribute to Wikipedia."
  • "What Wikipedia chooses to include or exclude will have profound consequences for generations to come. We must have intelligent people making those decisions."

And here is Liam’s extremely fun & interactive presentation, Wikipedia & GLAMs, in Prezi.

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