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Introducing the New Walker Website

I’m so proud of Nate Solas and the entire Walker Art Center team for stepping out and making (with the risk of sounding indulgent), the museum website of the future. Truly though. 

In the recent discussion surrounding “What’s the point of the museum website?" I always end up coming back to "Why will people come to a museum website? What’s the point?" You can build it, but they won’t always come — for more than just basic info or perhaps deeper collections information, if you’re lucky.

I’ve been stuck on the question of how you  make someone want to come back again and again, and actually build a community and dialogue? I feel like the Walker’s new website does that. By aggregating art news and other interesting content, both from the museum and beyond, they create a motivation to return again and again — and not just when you’re considering visiting the museum.

Well done. I’m also glad to see that Tyler Green has already picked up on this, and there’ll be more from him soon.

This post links to the blog describing the background behind the website design. I highly recommend you read it, and then peruse the site itself. Congrats to the Walker!

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