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My heart hurts...

The Fred Wilson talk tonight at Madame Walker Theatre was the most volatile community dialogue I have ever sat through… if you could call it “dialogue.” I admit that I’m overwhelmed. Living through such anger that’s still so pervasive, what can I, some little white girl, say or do? Feels like nothing. Yet, it’s all our community. And here we are, a whole bunch of little white girls, doing our best to learn how to engage this very community in our future work developing museum programming. It’s quite disheartening. What next?

What’s more, as part of my museum studies program, myself, a friend, and our adviser, Modupe Labode, are documenting the dialogue surrounding this artwork. Our jobs just got a lot more interesting… to say the least. Part of this documentation is the Wikipedia article for the artwork, which I admittedly have not updated with the controversy.. I feel like I can’t remove myself enough to objectively talk about it.

Do watch Indy’s Fox59 (et al.) tonight at 10. I’m interested to see what explosions (ie: blatantly disrespectful outbursts) they highlight (there were many).

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